Deva Ashik

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Ashik is an International Tantra teacher, author and founder of Awakeland in Portugal. Creator of safe environments to guide people in releasing social conditionings, to discover their masculine and feminine selves, by going back to the sensations of the body and discovering their true nature that is bliss.

Tantra Trainings

Become a Tantra Teacher by joining a 30-day course or deepen your Tantric knowledge and skills on our 9-day course.

Retreats & Seminars

Ashik will be leading meditation and tantra classes at Portugal Tantra Festival, Tantra Essence Festival in Corfu and Awake Dance Celebration with world-renowned tantra teachers.


Ashik offers intuitive couple or individual sessions incorporating tantra, meditation, touch, breathwork, somatic experience and abdominal or ecstatic massage techniques.